How to Get into the Custom T Shirt Business Book

We may all Want to be Fashion Designers, but sometimes creating a custom t shirt business is enough to express that creativity and get you a solid paycheck a little faster!

We found this free eBook to have some useful information about what you need to do to start your own business. It applies mostly to a t shirt printing business, but they have sections on embroidery and bling, and everything applies to a startup business in general.

The sections that I like are all about planning and starting, then the last part where they run through a list of types of equipment and what they’re good for.

Just click the image below to download the book.


Starting a Custom T Shirt Business


There’s a link after you download that will lead you to some YouTube videos of the same groups live webinars. They look educational and not too salesy, so I’d recommend you sign up for them as well if you’re ready to look at getting equipment.


Rhinestone Machines Can Do More than You Know

People call it a rhinestone machine; we call it the key to endless fun and creativity. Most people think that rhinestone machines are all about creating fancy t-shirts for girls and boys. There can’t be a machine myth falser than this one! Rhinestone bling machines at RhinestoneCamsMachines.Com can actually help you create a whole lot of products. Your investment is not just limited to a small t-shirt business. You can expand your venture into a whole franchise of various products. All you need is the will to create, and the knowledge to create it well.

Before jumping on the options rhinestone machines can provide you with, let’s talk about the kind of surface you can use hot fix rhinestones on.

Preferable Surface to Use Hot Fix Rhinestones on

As we all know, rhinestones stick perfectly on fabric such as cotton or lycra. Lesser-known fact is that they are equally wonderful with denim, wool, viscose, and even silk and synthetic material such as polyester. Rhinestones bond so well with fabric that most people have actually limited the use to apparel only. However, the key to perfect bounding of rhinestones is the quality of rhinestone machines as well as the absorbance factor of the surface. Most fabrics are absorbent and therefore great option for rhinestones. Yet, there are numerous other absorbent materials such as card, paper, ceramics, fomic sheet, and leather.

Hotfix wholesale rhinestones like from this site are not much preferable for waxy and less absorbent surface such as glass, plastic, polished wood, or smooth leather. Before applying your hot fix transfers, make sure you run a small absorbance test of the material. Simply pour a few droplets of water on the surface. If it runs off the surface then it is not suitable for rhinestone. If it absorbs the water quickly, it’s perfect. Some material may take a few seconds or more to absorb the water. You can use them as well. However, the bond will not be as strong as it is for a cotton t-shirt.

While the test rules out a lot of material, it will approve a lot of others. So, with new possibilities, you can try new uses for rhinestone transfers created with rhinestone machines. Here are a few we would like to suggest.

Hand Bags

If you are already creating t-shirt rhinestone transfers with your rhinestone machines, you can expand your line with matching handbags. You can individually purchase or create each item and use the same pattern to create one whole package. Creating such packages is good for your business for two reasons. First of all, it showcases your business as a brand with its own unique franchise. Secondly, buyers tend to see more value in bundle buys.

You can make great handbags with the machines found here


Next come the shoes. You can further expand the line up with matching shoes as well. You don’t even have to color coordinate it with the apparel. A similar rhinestone pattern would be enough to make it a part of the same package. However, rhinestones may not stick very effectively on excessively smooth leather boots. Suede or any other absorbent material would be good enough.



With rhinestone machines, you can actually go beyond the fashion industry and enjoy creating unique crafts such as fancy scrapbooks, diaries, and photo albums. There is a huge market for such handmade products. With your own machine, you can create patterns out of your own imagination and if you are as good as you believe, your products are bound to sell like hot cakes.

The possibilities are as many as you can explore. With a little creativity, rhinestone machines can turn into your best investments.

Machine Embroidery or Hand Embroidery?

There are many differences between machine embroidery and hand embroidery but each has their unique place and each serves a unique function. While some people choose to “take sides” and point out all of the reasons why hand embroidery or machine embroidery is better, there are many who like both forms for their various uses and laud the strengths of each.

clothing rack
by Diego Torres Silvestre on Flickr


Such people work around the weaknesses of each form to use them for the greatest advantage each can offer on a given application. That being said let us talk about some of the differences between machine embroidery and hand embroidery.

Both machine embroidery and hand embroidery offer a unique strength and ability to express beauty in unique ways. Because machine embroidery can be produced much more quickly than hand embroidery, it is a wonderful way to create little gifts or even, for example, mass embroidered shirts.

Machine embroidery can be used for children’s clothes, which they will grow out of quickly, but which will be more personalized with some embroidery work. For monograms, also, machine embroidery can be amazingly efficient and effective. My grandmother has used her embroidery machine to make my entire family of 9 towels with our initials on them for Christmas gifts one year.

Because Avance machine embroidery is so much faster than by hand, she was not only able to do it for my family, but also for my cousins, aunts, and uncles the same year. While hand embroidery takes a great deal of time to complete, that very time put in can make the piece far more valuable, both monetarily and as an heirloom.

Anything made with a specific person in mind by someone who loves them will be special and valuable, whether it is by machine or buy hand.

Hand embroidery, however, offers a unique opportunity to create something that a machine simply is not able to: a 100% unique piece that no one has made before and that no one will ever be able to perfectly duplicate again. Different stitches and thread sizes can be used, and different details added that simply are not possible with a machine.

Machine embroidery provides a media to create without involving the time it takes to do it by hand. Clearly, as tools for any task, a machine should be used for what it can do well, and other tools should be used for those things that they do best.

For this reason, looking at an application will quickly tell you, based on your specific goals and desires, if a machine will work best for you. The amazing versatility that it offers in being able to let you make almost anything you can design on your computer, within the scope of what your machine will allow, allows versatility and customization.

If you haven’t decided, definitely check out Pinterest, a great place to get design ideas and inspiration.


Certainly, hand embroidery it is more versatile than machine embroidery in that you do not pre-program the outcome, and you may add artistic touches where and as you see fit in a way that is impossible with a machine, but since the thoughts behind any gift cannot be bought but only received, I treasure my machine embroidered gift commemorating my wedding just as much as I treasure the hand made one commemorating my birth.

Each method has its strengths, each its weaknesses, but both hand embroidery and machine embroidery can be used to create something special for someone you love.

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photo by Omar on Flickr
photo by Omar on Flickr